My Sewing Machine

My Sewing Machine

Cell Phone Case

I finished these on Sunday, while David watched football.

I used McCall's pattern M5644. My mom gave me some fat 1/4s for Christmas so I decided to try them on this project. I did a slight change...I made yo-yo's for the centers of each flower and used buttons given to me years ago by my Uncle Darwin.

Christmas Eve Snow 2009

David took this picture of the house on Christmas Day. This is the "left-over" snow from the day before.

It also snowed hard most of the day today! :-)
Somebody needs to tell Al G.,...snow?...In Texas?...In December?...Unheard of! *LOL* (my husbands running joke!)

Stuffed Christmas Tree

I started working after school three days a week for our after school program called ASPIRE (it stands for something but I don't know what!). Anyway it's been challenging for me, but really rewarding as well. The challenging part is the longer hours which puts a strain on the whole family. But I think they understand that the kids do enjoy their sewing time! OH, I also help with!

Here is the Christmas trees we made during class. This is mine. The kids decorated theirs with buttons donated by my Uncle Darwin. I didn't get to take final pictures of them because I was too busy tying knots :(  But trust me they turned out wonderful!

I got this pattern from my grandma years ago. I shrank it some so we would have enough fabric for everyone!
This project took 3 hours. I have 3rd - 5th graders. Due to some being absent there were 20 made altogether. We used almost 20 yards of fabric, 20 packages of 16oz. stuffing, and tons of buttons! Sew much fun!

The Bloggin' Starts...

So, being that I'm supposed to be a Technology Instructor, I felt it was time to start this "new fad". I thought back about my old webpages I had and didn't have to update as I hope this blog doesn't fade out like those did! *LOL*

So - Here we go.....