My Sewing Machine

My Sewing Machine

Bad Weather Day

What do you do when you get a day off work for ice on the bridges? Well I mostly slept. I did make an atempt to sew but my machine broke again! I just lowered the feed dogs and they are stuck down :( So there goes anything getting done till I get that fixed.

I found these pictures on my computer of old things I had made. I have been too busy playing with My Digital Studio to make any "real" stampin things.
Here is some older projects:

Trip to Branson, MO.

David and I had a wonderful trip to Branson on Dec.4th. We saw Andy Williams in concert, ate at the Moon River Grill, and road the train the next day. We drove back the next day! I was in a lot of pain from the car ride but it was well worth it!

We ate lunch with a friend of David's on the way...

This is where we stayed for the night...

Us at the concert...

A man took our picture but my camera was set to take this weird color :( I'm going to try to photoshop it!

And here's ANDY:


Ever try taking a picture of yourself...hahahaha

Homecoming 2009

This past Fall I made these for Matthew and Aaron. Wouldn't you know it...Aaron got the Pig Flew and had a terrible temp. So he didn't get to wear his :( I ended up having it as well. At least we were able to go get medication that same day so it didn't get anyone else in our family. Aaron's fever went over 104, he was hardly glad that is over!

Here's the garters for homecoming that I made:

Matthew's Senior garter:

Aaron's Junior garter:

From the past

I made this last year. It was a lot of work but it was fun to do! I am trying to get my inspiration back to start doing more stuff. There's just not enough time! HA-HA-HA!!!

Anyway on with the share....


Most of you know that David and I've been going to a couples Bible study. Well it ended last week. I've been struggling for years with my pack-rat ways. So a few weeks ago I decided to try and defeat that little monster!

Here are some of the little "piles" I seem to create thoughout the week! :( David is really kind, but I know it gets to him! And it does bother me but I want to keep it in our little house we just don't have the storage space to keep it all. I will take pictures of the clean up I did....after I clean it up again! I seem to found more things to put there again today. I cleaned yesterday...why do I do the things I do???? :) I'm my daddy's daughter, and I take after my Grandmother too! But I'm TRYING....doesn't that count? :(

At the top of this pile is fleece for school. The 3 boxes are my important stuff! *L*

In the back we have Boy Scout info. Unfortunately this is the only place in the house we can store this. So it always looks junky there. However in front of that is another box of sewing stuff my purse and book bag from 6 days ago when we went to church. The little fishing tackle box is supposed to go on top of the Scout box in the back. The tackle box doesn't have tackle, it has merit badges and rank advancement badges. The scout stuff is very organized! - and yes I did organize it! :P  My problem isn't that I don't organize's that I acumulate too much and don't want to weed out anything. I want it all for that one day when I MIGHT need it! *L* I guess it's that BSA Motto "Always be prepared!"...sigh

Shoots and Ladders

We got a new light fixture for the kitchen. However, David needed a new ladder. He's been in need of one for years! The only one he has was one that leans on things so he went today and got an A frame one! So he's got the old one down....and the new one will go up soon. Shoot, I hope it won't be too long with the light fixture gone. LOL We'll see.

David's Ladder

I hate this light! It never turns on when you need it and it's ugly!
Wait till you see the new one! I'll make sure to take pictures when it's up!


I used some remnants from an upcoming sewing project for the kids at school. We’re going to make fleece hats. So when I was cutting out the fabric I started to wonder what I could do with the remains…being that I’ve already confessed my pack rat ways, I didn’t want to “store” it away for some other day. So I remembered a project that took circles and the quilt reminded me of the old quilt pattern called cathedral window. So I did a small test piece to find out if it was going to be something I could do with the kids. Well I’ll have to say it will not be something they could easily do. It’s easy enough for me but the fabric tends to want to go down where the feed dogs are. The reason is you must sew straight instead of along the edge (making the circle into a square on the back side). Anyway I thought I’d share what the result was of my testing piece! I will do one of these for myself, someday! Thanks for lookin! OH, in case you think my stitches look strange, I was testing some of my fancier stitches too!

Found Buttons!

Yesterday I was in our big shead and found some buttons that my Uncle gave to me years ago. I was so excited about this *S* I admit I'm a pack rat...and most of the time it isn't good! However this time it's great! So last night I made this necklace and bracelet. I saw the idea for it in Branson, MO when David and I went back in early December.

Found Buttons:

Stuffed Pumpkins

Well I guess I'm trying to make up for all that I've missed out on all this's another kid project from sewing at school.

Of course we made this one for Thanksgiving and the kids really loved it! I was able to make each child their own placemat as well.

The pattern is one that I made up on my own. I had a ball pattern that I just took the top off of, then I designed my own stem. We used 20 yards of fabric and 12 packages of 16oz. stuffing.

Oh, I need to tell you this was one that a student made. She hated the way it turned out because of the fact she didn't follow my directions and took some big seem allowances. When I told her she would need to start over she said, "no way, it will be okay!" Then when she saw what I tried to tell her she really wanted to throw it way. But I loved it because it was lumpy, the way a pumpkin really should look! :)

Before turning:                                                                                   


I have to find another picture I took of a grouping of finished pumpkins on top of one of the placemats I made. I'll update when I find that picture! :)

I found them!