My Sewing Machine

My Sewing Machine


Most of you know that David and I've been going to a couples Bible study. Well it ended last week. I've been struggling for years with my pack-rat ways. So a few weeks ago I decided to try and defeat that little monster!

Here are some of the little "piles" I seem to create thoughout the week! :( David is really kind, but I know it gets to him! And it does bother me but I want to keep it in our little house we just don't have the storage space to keep it all. I will take pictures of the clean up I did....after I clean it up again! I seem to found more things to put there again today. I cleaned yesterday...why do I do the things I do???? :) I'm my daddy's daughter, and I take after my Grandmother too! But I'm TRYING....doesn't that count? :(

At the top of this pile is fleece for school. The 3 boxes are my important stuff! *L*

In the back we have Boy Scout info. Unfortunately this is the only place in the house we can store this. So it always looks junky there. However in front of that is another box of sewing stuff my purse and book bag from 6 days ago when we went to church. The little fishing tackle box is supposed to go on top of the Scout box in the back. The tackle box doesn't have tackle, it has merit badges and rank advancement badges. The scout stuff is very organized! - and yes I did organize it! :P  My problem isn't that I don't organize's that I acumulate too much and don't want to weed out anything. I want it all for that one day when I MIGHT need it! *L* I guess it's that BSA Motto "Always be prepared!"...sigh

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