My Sewing Machine

My Sewing Machine

Stuffed Pumpkins

Well I guess I'm trying to make up for all that I've missed out on all this's another kid project from sewing at school.

Of course we made this one for Thanksgiving and the kids really loved it! I was able to make each child their own placemat as well.

The pattern is one that I made up on my own. I had a ball pattern that I just took the top off of, then I designed my own stem. We used 20 yards of fabric and 12 packages of 16oz. stuffing.

Oh, I need to tell you this was one that a student made. She hated the way it turned out because of the fact she didn't follow my directions and took some big seem allowances. When I told her she would need to start over she said, "no way, it will be okay!" Then when she saw what I tried to tell her she really wanted to throw it way. But I loved it because it was lumpy, the way a pumpkin really should look! :)

Before turning:                                                                                   


I have to find another picture I took of a grouping of finished pumpkins on top of one of the placemats I made. I'll update when I find that picture! :)

I found them!

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