My Sewing Machine

My Sewing Machine


Yes I am sick. But having fibromyalgia has taught me one through it.

Well I do anything right now it's SLOW MO....I feel like an 80 yr. old walking sometimes.

Anyway while on Pinterest I started thinking back to when my boys used to live here. I would make our homemade laundry soap. That saved us tons of money! I stopped doing it because it's just David and I now and that's a lot of laundry soap to have. However, now I'm thinking of doing it again.

I had to clean my nebulizer (mask, cups) and every time I do it I'm using white vinegar. Which is what started my brain to move in the cleaning direction.

I remembered a few pins from years back on cleaning naturally. I'm thinking I'm going to have to start doing it this way because of the asthma ... just to play it safe. AND save money!

So I cleaned my nebulizer stuff. I had a bowl of white vinegar (WV) and water. WHY WASTE IT? So I popped it into the microwave and boiled it (8 min.). It wiped clean. And it was cleaner than when I used store bought stuff!

Next I had found a pin saying they cleaned their oven with WV / water plus baking soda. I poured some on the stovetop then sprinkled it with baking soda (BS) it sizzled :D I let it sit for a few minutes. I didn't / COULDN'T scrub because I have no strength for that yet. But I didn't have to anyway. I really couldn't believe how much I got off because I've been scrubbing at some of the spots for years. It wiped up clean - again cleaner than anything I've tried from the store!!!

Next I through the water mixture that was left into the dishwasher. It's been looking kinda bad! Anyway I sprinkled BS on top of it. Started the empty dishwasher. After a few minutes I opened up the dishwasher and wiped at a few places. Poured a little WV - sprinkled more BS. Closed the door looks amazing!

I can't wait to get well because I've got a lot of pins ready to try!

I'm going to:
Make my own laundry soap
Make my own fabric softener
Make my own dishwasher tabs
Make my own floor cleaners
EVERYTHING - Can't you tell how excited I am :D

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