My Sewing Machine

My Sewing Machine

Up to date

Happy New Year!!!
Well it's been a long time. I started this blog hoping to try to make sure I kept up with it but it is just like facebook - I don't keep up with either! :)

What's new?

  • Matthew moved in with his dad during the summer
  • Aaron is a senior this year and we've just started the 2nd semester. I pray he'll graduate!
  • I'm still sewing after school with the Aspire program. I also have 2 craft classes and a community service class.
  • I'm still involved with Boy Scouts,
  • PTSA as the Historian and helping with the Project Celebration,
  • C.A.R. that meets once a month.
  • Let's not forget the family book club.

So I'm busy....most of the time! :)

I'm going to hunt down some recent pictures of items I've created recently....more posts to come!

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